#thelalizasforce in its element!

2022-08-05 | #thelalizasforce in its element!

The foundations of LALIZAS lay on sailing. This inspiring and challenging sport was the reason behind the making of our very first lifejacket!

We never forget our roots, and thus, we always support awareness actions on sailing. 

This time, we feel very happy since we had the chance to provide a memorable sailing experience to some of our colleagues.

More specifically, LALIZAS decided to reward those who went the extra mile the last 2 years, by giving their very best, performing at full steam!  

All the “Employees of the Month” for the year of 2022 so far and the “Department of the Year” for the year of 2021, on August 2, spent a whole afternoon at sea, gaining some essential knowledge about this inspiring & challenging sport, with the aid of the Optimum Sailing Academy (O.S.A.).

Our colleagues were split in three teams of five: the Red, the Grey, and the Blue team.

Each team, along with a representative/trainer of the O.S.A., got on board a Dehler 30 ods!

The “adventure” started with a short theoretical training ashore, while the trip lasted around 3 hours.

The teams set sail from the Nautical Club of Kalamaki (N.O.K.) and sailed in the South Suburbs of Attica.

The weather was on their side and helped them practice sailing & enjoy the sun and the sea!

“It was an amazing experience after almost 15 years since my last race. What’s not to like? Spending time at sea, enjoying the sun and the smiling faces from my colleagues! Some of them never been on a sailing boat before. Maybe I should reconsider my free time in the afternoon and make sailing a way of life,” commented Chrysostomos Kavounis, Sales Supervisor & Employee of the Month, January 2022.

“It was a unique experience for each one of us that we will keep forever in our hearts and minds! The training team was so enthusiastic and made the whole activity super enjoyable! We couldn’t stop smiling from the moment that we stepped up on the sailing boat! We had a great time and it was a perfect way to get to know each other better and have some real fun!” was the feedback from the Auditing Department, Department of the Year 2021.

We would like to warmly thank the co-Principal of O.S.A., Mr. Periklis Livas & his team, Evi Dellidou, Gerasimos (or Jerry) Petratos, Lampros Nakis, Christos Chatzidimitriou, and Christos Stathas for their encouragement, help and enthusiasm!

“It was a pleasure and honour to have on board our three identical race boats such an energetic and enthusiastic group of individuals. Their smiles and excitement during sailing and upon our return on the dock was very rewarding for all of us in O.S.A. Sharing our passion for the sea and sailing, and getting back such an instant and positive feedback was a loving experience for us all. Thank you Team LALIZAS!” said Pericles Livas.

We believe that team-building activities as well as rewarding initiatives are vital for a team’s development, and we wish we will be able to organise many more in the future!