LALIZAS FC: Marine League Champions and Cup Winners 2019-2020!

2020-11-24 | LALIZAS FC: Marine League Champions and Cup Winners 2019-2020!

LALIZAS football team is a clear proof that when there is a collective effort and common vision, the result can only be positive!

Taking all the necessary protective measures against Covid-19, during October 2020, #thelalizasforce participated in the Marine League, competing with a number of teams from the Greek Maritime industry.

The competition was very high but the goal of our team was more than clear: to reach the top!

LALIZAS FC deservedly won the title of Marine League Champions 2019-2020, with the score of 4-1 in the final.

In the same week, our team managed to achieve a decisive victory of 9-4, winning also the Cup title!

So, we were honored with 2 cups to remind us of our collective achievement!

We are loyal supporters of the Greek proverb: “A healthy mind needs to be followed by a healthy body”, so football is an excellent opportunity for both exercise and bonding.

In the middle of Covid-19 crisis worldwide, it is very important to keep our minds and bodies active, always following the Government’s guidelines and taking protective safety measures both for ourselves and those around us.

Congratulations LALIZAS FC!