Sharing knowledge: the basis to ensure safety at sea

2020-10-05 | Sharing knowledge: the basis to ensure safety at sea

Getting closer to your partners in order to understand their needs and be able to serve them in the best possible way is everyone’s goal. For the safety industry, it is absolutely necessary to agree that the main focus must be given on the human life, so as to ensure its safety at seaextensive knowledge is the key. Building expertise is a long journey that needs effort, constant training and focus on market needs and feedback.

Honest synergies with appreciated partners have been a great asset during our pathway. In an effort to stay close with them by sharing our expertise, LALIZAS decided to organize several trainings on the Inspection of Immersion Suit 'Neptune' to Technical Departments of Maritime Companies we are closely cooperating with. LALIZAS highly skilled technicians explained step by step how to inspect the Immersion Suit 'Neptune' and why this procedure is of major importance.

In this way, our partners get the practical knowledge they might need, being able to maintain, service and extend the lifetime of their lifesaving equipment on board. Additionally, they are able to understand whether the work in the service stations has been done properly, ensuring that their equipment will be totally operational when duty calls. Details about the proper maintenance, thus operation, of lifesaving equipment are not well-known, although it is of extreme importance.

“Our aim is to provide a 360° support to all people who put their trust in us. We try to maintain a continued relationship with all our partners by offering extensive aftersales support and training on the proper use of our lifesaving equipment”, commented by Mr. Iasonas Lalizas, Marketing & Communication Manager of the LALIZAS Group.

Since 1982, LALIZAS has focused on optimizing its operations in order to provide maritime industries, inshore as well as offshore, with the most up to date safety solutions, keeping maritime professionals safe.

Safety is not just a product; it is an ongoing process. 

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Trainings took place in LALIZAS manufacturing premises in Greece with all necessary precautions.